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water jet machine parts and system
Anatomy of a typical water jet cutter and its parts: controller, nozzle, pump, abrasive delivery system, motion system, and catch tank

Example of an Abrasive Cutting Head

water jet cutter nozzle

The image to the left is representative of an abrasive cutting head configuration. High-pressure water will enter at the top of the water inlet body. The pressure forces the water through a small orifice at the bottom. The suction created as the high-velocity water stream exits the small orifice and flows out through the mixing tube (also called the nozzle) can pull in an abrasive substance from the tube on the right. 

Although made of very hard materials, the mixing tube and nozzle must be replaced periodically due to abrasive water jet stream erosion.

Water Jet High-Pressure (H.P.) Pump

The various types of H.P. pumps utilized are designed to provide sufficient water flow rates at a specific and consistent high pressure to supply single or multiple cutting heads as required.

Water Jet Machine Table/Catch Tank

The material to be cut is placed on the bed of the machine table/water-filled catch tank. The length and width of the table generally determine the maximum travel of the X.Y. motion control system. The maximum X.Y. motion travel will establish a specific table’s cutting window or largest workpiece. 

Our selection of Waterjet Machining Systems includes cutting windows from 4 feet x 8 feet up to 12 feet x 18 feet.

Water Jet XYZ Motion Controller

The cutting head is precisely moved around the bed of the machine table to make the desired material cuts. This is controlled by a computer, which, when properly programmed, can instruct the cutting head to move to any area over the machine’s bed while performing the functions necessary to provide the desired results. 

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Advantages of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet nozzle

There are many advantages of waterjet cutting. As opposed to flame, plasma & laser cutting, waterjet and abrasive jet cutting produce no heat-affected zone to work harden the cut edges.

Therefore, you can cut various metals, plastics, and other materials without melting, distorting, or warping them.

Incredible Precision

Waterjet/Abrasivejet Cutting allows us to routinely cut precision parts with tolerances as close as ± 0.005″ and better when required. Cutting is controlled by a computer and special software that follows profiles/part geometry designed using Computer Aided Design (CAD) software.           

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