At Remtex, headquartered in the heart of Chicago, we specialize in top-tier laser cutting services, combining local expertise with a personalized approach. Our commitment goes beyond technology, focusing on understanding and meeting your unique project needs with the pride of Chicago craftsmanship.

Unmatched Expertise in Laser Cutting Services

Remtex’s Chicago-based operations boast of a number of distinct advantages over our competitors. We aim at continuing to embrace this city’s venerable reputation for flawless quality of craftsmanship in everything that we do. Our teams at Remtex can boast of the finest experts in the field of laser cutting in Chicago, no matter if it’s a project requiring the production of the finest, most minuscule automotive spare in dozens of identical units or a large sign for the broadest of commercial purposes— there is no request that our artisans cannot accomplish without complete precision, accuracy, and attention to detail. We would be proud to put the full might of our resources to work for you.

Remtex laser-cut bullet plate
Custom metal business signs from Remtex laser cutting services
Remtex Custom

A business sign, decorative sign…a little of both.  Luxury home and commercial builders, Toll Brothers commissioned this project for one of their premier New York properties.

Craftsmanship and Beyond

When The Knight Called

Remtex cut Bat insignia for Dark Knight Movie.
Remtex Custom

Remtex was approached in 2007 to create the emblem for the Bat signal used in the Dark Knight movie. 

Rely upon the jewelers and craftsmen at Remtex for creating a truly one of a kind and tailor made creation in our shop for you, our client.

We proudly work with all sorts of employees and customers that range from startups to established businesses, artists of all experience levels, nationwide and beyond in the delivery of the unequivocal finest services that are delivered only at the highest and most dependable level across the board.

We have won the opportunity to work in the service of some of the best and most exclusive establishments as discovered locally in our region of Chicago and we are always seeking to locate new, visionary clients that can make use of our capabilities to breathe new life and vision into the work that they are producing on a daily basis.

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Remtex Custom

This emblem for Chicago’s Marist High School was laser cut and graces the front entrance of the prestigious institution.

We welcome the opportunity to speak with you to identify how our team can assist you in furnishing a one of a kind, high quality, high resolution, memorable, and a truly one of a kind installation to assist you in delivering the best possible performance to assistance with sales through that which you are marketing through this installation in addition to raising high levels of profitable public awareness.

Laser cut automotive club emblem.
Remtex Custom

Remtex offers custom automotive parts and decals like this emblem crafted for a popular Chicago-area car club.

Collaborative Consultation
and Support

Proud to serve as leaders in the service of the people, as well as those in the advertising and marketing industries, regardless of what it is that you do, no one takes better care of their clients than the men and women of Remtex. From the day that you choose us as your manufacturer, our team will work in the direction of continuing to forge the long term, mutually prosperous, and mutually advantageous relationship for as long as possible. 

What would you like us to manufacture for you? Remember: it’s as simple as going to our website and filling out the form, you don’t even have to speak on the phone! 

laser cutting electrical panels

Laser Cut Parts
At Your Service

It’s the Remtex way, and it’s how we’d love to add you to the long list of satisfied and repeat clients who are continually left with no choice but to come back time and time again— there simply is no better way of getting things done!

Contact us today to discuss your project. We can’t wait to collaborate with you and solve your manufacturing puzzle. There’s no request too big and no request too small. We work with all businesses.

Remtex boilerplate and early water jet project

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