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Remtex has been providing waterjet cutting services in the Chicagoland Area since 1998. Our client list has grown throughout the Midwest, including Illinois, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Michigan. We have also provided waterjet cutting services to clients across the United States.

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Waterjet Cutting Tutorial

If you are not familiar with Waterjet Cutting Technologies you may find our Waterjet Cutting Tutorial helpful. It will help you understand what waterjets are, the basics of how waterjets and abrasive waterjets work, and whether or not this is the cutting technology or type of cutting service for your specific application. If you would like to know what type of materials can be cut with a waterjet machine, visit our Materials page.

Edge qualities can be a key factor in the cost of a waterjet cutting job. Depending on your application, you may require different edge qualities for specific areas within a given item or part. Cutting costs are directly linked to the material type, thickness, part geometry or profile complexities and the various tolerances specified for the particular item. We can help you determine which options are most appropriate and most economical for your specific application.

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Find out why LASER cutting is the perfect compliment to our waterjet cutting services.

Featured Photos of Waterjet & LASER Cutting Applications

The Runners at Chicago O'Hare
"The Runners" Sculpture, by Theodoros Papagiannis is installed at O'Hare International Airport. The material is 2-1/4" thick Stainless Steel and was cut on our largest abrasive waterjet system. A tremendous collection of information regarding the sculpture can be viewed at the following link:
Misc. Laser cut parts
Example of Laser cut items from various materials
Mixed materials example parts
The items pictured help to illustrate the diversity in applications and types of materials possible with the use of abrasive waterjet cutting technology. In our job shop capacity, we are asked to quote new applications or cut new materials routinely. We are continually amazed at what can be accomplished with this technology.

Copper Bus Bars
Abrasive Waterjet was the perfect technology for cutting these large 3/8" thick Copper Bus Bars
18 Ga. 304-#4 SS vent covers
Laser cut 18 Ga. 304-#4 SS, cut with protective film in place
Teaching Tool
This reproduction of a brain scan image was cut from 1/8" aluminum as a teaching aide. Yes, this was a bit unusual but also very practical.

4" Thick Stainless Steel Plate
A special shipping fixture was fabricate to transport this 4" thick stainless steel plate to our Alsip facility, located just south of Chicago.
Delorean Ride 1
We had the opportunity to laser cut aluminum exhaust components for the Time Machine.
7 Foot Brass Panels A

Modified Stainless Steel Plate
The octagonal profile pictured, was cut from a 4" thick stainless steel plate with our one of our abrasive waterjet machines.
7 Foot Brass Panels B

Globe Continents
Continent profile blanks are cut with abrasive waterjet for subsequent hand forming and detailing by craftsmen, to produce the desired look.
Delorean Ride Event Photo
Movie Magic
You may have had an opportunity to see this familiar image being cast skyward, during a major film project produced in Chicago.

2" Thick 6061 Aluminum
We cut two of the 120" diameter half circles pictured, to be utilized in the production of a rather large split turntable.
Stainless Steel Prototype
This 3/4" thick, T304 stainless steel prototype, was cut with abrasive waterjet to first test form, fit & function before additional parts were produced.
Nickel Plated Motorcycle Sculpture
This Nickel Plated Motorcycle Sculpture was displayed during an episodes of the Fox TV reality show "Renovate My Family". We developed and cut the various parts and layers of the motorcycle sculpture for the production company. The sculpture was assembled and nickel plated by other craftsmen for installation at the home of the featured family.

4" Thick Titanium Plate
The Titanium plate shown is 4 inches thick x 12 feet long. We were asked to cut the plate to specific length sections.
Chicago Board of Trade Building
Restoration components for the metal artwork above the revolving door pictured, were cut from 1/4" thick type 316 stainless steel with one of our abrasive waterjet machines. Working closely with our client, we developed and cut several test pieces to insure the proper appearance and perfect fit at installation.
Manhattan Spaceship:Return to Mars (a)
Specific pieces of this sculpture were cut with our abrasive waterjet equipment. The Artist, Mr. Ignacio Montano, was kind enough to provided this image for our display. The website is

1/2" Thick Wearform 400 AR Plate
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